title The Kiwi Experience Vol 1V
publication Channel News Asia
description Television programme for Channel News Asia. The programme was viewed by 73 million in Pan Asia as well as visits to host Timothy Go's blog on the CNA website, which averages 150,000 users per month.
date 22:11:2008

Host Timothy Go's blog excerpt: The other day we drove through the artists’ town of Nelson, along the coast. Charming town with its fair share of shopping venues and chic boutiques downtown. But what we went for was the artists and the studios that dot every corner of the town.

Being in Nelson gave me the chance to blow some glass and make something out of all that shattered left-over. But I must admit, I only did the easy part and the expert in the studio did the rest of it.

I also met a famous artist Anna Leary who just so happened to be putting on an exhibit of her work right by the beach. Imagine that — an art installation curving along side the coastline at low tide.

I also met the guys who crafted the Lord of the Rings ring.