title No place like home for artists
publication The Nelson Mail
description Intangible Exhibition Interview
date 16:04:2003

Home is where the art is for Nelson artists Jane Blackmore & Anna Leary, although now it is Wanaka as well. Blackmore & Leary, both graduates of the Nelson-Marlborough Institute of Technology's Bachelor of Visual Arts, are exhibiting together at Wanaka's Gallery 33 this month.

The exhibition is just another step in the pairs journey into the world of working artists, as Blackmore opens her new inner-city home studio & gallery space. Leary, who has been running an open home studio at her Wakefield Quay home for some time now says she is finding the less transient lifestyle of working soley from home refreshing. "There's no separation anymore. When you are at art school you are going to a place and working and learning, and now it's all together." Blackmore agrees. "I thought finishing art school would just be the same but it's become more enormous because you want it to work so much."

Contrary to talk of the isolation of being a working artist, both Leary & Blackmore are enjoying working from home. While Leary is continuing with her themes of communication, Blackmore has moved down new paths. A common factor in the pair's works is their autobiographical nature, hence the Wanaka exhibition's name: Intangible.