title Human Frailty
medium Mixed media on board
dimensions 285 x 1680 mm

'Human frailty' continues Anna Leary's exploration into ideas thrown up at the interface between humans and nature and the dynamics of interaction between people and place, key themes that have dominated much of her work for the past few years.

Leary's painting alludes visually to nature and the ocean in general, but she also incorporates hints of scenes we might well recognise - a lighthouse, a mountain range, the boulder bank. These pictorial elements can be read as both literal and symbolic - they represent the 'edge' - a place where land meets sea or sky; a rocky, uneven, sometimes uneasy interaction, which can take place just as easily in the mind. What we see here in cool, monochromatic hues, is the calm before the storm, a sense of impending disquiet and a call to be conscious of nature's power.